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Terms & Conditions of the one and only original 1000bitcoinpage™

  1. All rights reserved. 1000bitcoinpage™ is not responsible for the content of external websites.
  2. Images, logos, url’s, etc. featured on the website are © of their respective owners.
  3. The minimum purchase equals a 100-pixels block at the price of 0,1 BTC. The maximum purchase is whatever is still available. Knock yourself out!
  4. We only accept payments in BTC.
  5. No refunds, never ever.
  6. You cannot alter the image or link once you have submitted them.
  7. Obscene/adult/offensive images/links are not allowed. This is at the discretion of 1000bitcoinpage™
  8. Buying pixels does not mean you own part of the website but only grants you the right do provide your image or logo with a link, in the space you have paid for.
  9. If you alter the content of the linked site after acceptance to show obscene/adult/offensive material we reserve the right to remove your image or logo including the link, without any refund, or rights to damages.
  10. If for whatever reason in the future you want your image and link removed from the website, you may submit a request, but no refunds, never ever.
  11. Images must be the exact size you have paid for (e.g. 100-pixel box = 10x10 pixels), must be in GIF or JPEG format, and of reasonable file size and may not be animated.
  12. Links must be to web pages only and begin with http://
  13. You need to have the rights to provide the image and link for the website you submit.
  14. Payments in BTC must be fully received and cleared before your pixels are active
  15. Occasional downtimes may occur for site maintenance etc.
  16. We will do our best to process all orders as soon as possible.
  17. Courts in the jurisdiction of our incorporation will have exclusive jurisdiction in any legal proceedings.

Any questions? Contact us or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.






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